senior pet care

At Village Square Portola Valley Senior Pet Care, we understand the unique needs and special bond you share with your senior pet. As they enter their golden years, they require extra love, attention, and tailored healthcare to ensure they enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life. That’s why our compassionate team is committed to providing comprehensive senior pet care services, specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of your aging companion.

pet senior care

With a deep understanding of the challenges and joys that come with caring for senior pets, we offer a range of specialized services to support their overall well-being. From regular health assessments and geriatric screenings to targeted preventive care and pain management, we are dedicated to helping your furry friend navigate the aging process with grace and dignity.

Our experienced veterinarians take the time to listen to your concerns, conduct thorough examinations, and create personalized care plans that address your pet’s specific needs. We believe in a proactive approach to senior pet care, focusing on early detection of age-related issues and implementing strategies to enhance their quality of life.

At Village Square Senior Pet Care, we offer a range of services tailored for senior pets, including nutritional counseling, weight management, arthritis care, dental health, and specialized diagnostic testing. Our team is well-versed in age-related conditions such as cognitive dysfunction, mobility challenges, and chronic diseases, ensuring your pet receives the attentive and specialized care they deserve.